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Tree removal

Trees are a beautiful thing, but sometimes they need to be removed. 

Leaf clean-up isn't always fun and never mind about those acorns. 


Other times trees need to be removed because they become a hazard. You may have a dead tree or two that could fall at any moment or a tree in danger of dying because of a bug or disease that has taken over. 


There is a science behind taking down a tree, so please leave tree removal to the professionals and give us a call.  


Just like people, trees may need a hair cut or two.


If you have trees that have overgrown or are hanging over the house then they may need to be trimmed. 


Trimming is a great way to keep trees healthy


We also do brush clean-up. If you have any unwanted brush that you need to be removed or chipped, give us a call. 


We all know how unpredictable the weather in New Hampshire can be. If you have a tree come down do to high winds or heavy snow this would be considered a storm tree.


Normally storm trees can cause quite a bit of damage so we suggest inspecting the trees surrounding your home from time to time for any changes.


If you are ever unsure whether a tree is safe or not, you can always give us a call. We will give you an honest and professional opinion.

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